Culture Versus Currency – Which Is Essential for Scale-ups With $1 Billion Revenue Ambitions?

Building a high-growth company goes beyond hitting numbers quickly. Culture is the secret ingredient for enduring success. Coupa Software, on its way to $1 billion in revenue, understands this well. Their DNA is woven with core values of customer success, excellence, and agility. Learn from their experience to create a cohesive, empowering, and revenue-driven culture for sustainable growth.

What Will We Ask B2B SAAS Coupa Software About Scaling Pipeline To Hit $1bn Revenue?

“Are we creating enough pipe for sales? is it progressing? And if not, why not? What measures can we put in place? That’s basically what we live and breathe every day,” Helen Trim, Senior Vice President Marketing, Coupa Software. We’re bringing a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes at…