What Will We Ask B2B SAAS Coupa Software About Scaling Pipeline To Hit $1bn Revenue?

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“Are we creating enough pipe for sales? is it progressing? And if not, why not? What measures can we put in place? That’s basically what we live and breathe every day,” Helen Trim, Senior Vice President Marketing, Coupa Software.

We’re bringing a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes at a fast-growing B2B SAAS company to see how it has built and is scaling its pipeline for growth. Helen Trim, SVP Marketing and James Sweeney, Global Analytics Director at Coupa will be sharing the realities of revenue marketing and taking your questions in our LinkedIn Live webinar on May 25.

Coupa Software is a global leader in business spend management. Its SAAS platform is used by 3,000 customers around the world.  Core to its proposition is a focus on customer success – it works hard to ensure that its customers are successful in unlocking significant value through the platform. 

Customer marketing is integrated into everything Coupa does. And it’s proud of its community of customers happy to talk about the dollar value that the platform drives for them. 

The company is on a fast growth path, on route to achieving $1bn revenue, and has seen its headcount grow from hundreds to thousands in a short space of time.

Coupa is fast becoming the de facto business spend management platform. So how has its revenue marketing team built an efficient sales and marketing pipeline to deliver its growth to date, and how is Coupa scaling it to hit its revenue goals?

“Coupa Software is a platform that helps businesses maximise every dollar they spend, from procurement to invoicing, expenses, and strategic sourcing. What we do is enable finance and procurement to automate and optimise the back office. There’s no real difference between what our buyers need in transport versus CPG versus retail manufacturing for example, so we are in every industry segment,” said Helen Trim.

“I have a revenue marketing team of 30 across EMEA and Asia Pacific and we’re responsible for being joined at the hip with sales and delivering them pipeline. 

We’re measured on the size and progression of pipeline. 

But while our offer might be the same, the shape and size of the funnel for each segment is different. 

It’s a very different sales cycle for an enterprise, compared with a corporate business. A corporate might be 50 to 250 million turnover, whereas an enterprise might be 200 billion. The sales cycles and lengths are very different.

So each segment has its own funnel shape and needs its own model. We knit together technology behind the scenes that allows us to bring all our analytics and data together, model it and then spit it out into dashboards so we can measure everything. 

That’s basically what we live and breathe every day: are we creating enough pipe for sales? is it progressing? And if not, why not? What measures can we put in place?”

We’ll be asking Coupa to share the realities of pipeline building and they’re keen to qet your questions too. Topics Coupa will cover include:

The cultural challenges of fast growth

  • Building a revenue marketing team – who do you hire?
  • How do you manage the speed of growth, when you’re accelerating from a few hundred to over 3000 employees
  • Revenue marketing needs to be tightly aligned with Sales, how do you really make sure they are joined at the hip
  • Reporting to the Executive and managing misconceptions about marketing

Pipeline building 

  • Recap of sales funnel design – working back from revenue target
  • The future of sales pipeline engineering given recent developments e.g. generative AI
  • Maturity stages
    • Starting from scratch
    • More sophisticated: the martech stack
    • Advanced:  attribution modelling
  • What if you don’t have a data scientist?

Pipeline models, data and metrics

  • Identifying the right GTM and pipeline model for the right segment
    • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
    • Understanding Personas (and how do you create enough content for each segment and each persona?)
  • Where and when to use AI to support 
  • What are the metrics that matter?


  • What the tools can and can’t do and what requires specialist skills
  • The battle of the platforms – sales wants Salesforce, marketing wants Marketo
  • Excel’s dominion – how do you know when to step up into data warehousing and visualisation tools like Snowflake and Tableau

We hope you can join us at 10am BST on Thursday May 25th for what promises to be an open and exciting exploration of pipeline building in the wild. Get your questions ready!

By Jane Franklin

…is co-founder of Difference Engine. Jane has deep experience in communications, inbound and outbound marketing for a range of organisations from Microsoft and OS to the Greater London Authority and NFU Mutual and many others in between. Should anyone ever want to bribe Jane, focusing on a mixture of rock, comedy, cheese and cider will probably do the trick.