How RevOps Is Unifying Sales and Marketing

The process of aligning sales and marketing is more than a tactical alignment of two departments; it represents an organisational shift towards a revenue-focused perspective. This perspective, known as Revenue Operations (RevOps), offers a holistic approach, which brings together functions typically working in silos to collectively drive revenue growth. Helen…

Culture Versus Currency – Which Is Essential for Scale-ups With $1 Billion Revenue Ambitions?

Building a high-growth company goes beyond hitting numbers quickly. Culture is the secret ingredient for enduring success. Coupa Software, on its way to $1 billion in revenue, understands this well. Their DNA is woven with core values of customer success, excellence, and agility. Learn from their experience to create a cohesive, empowering, and revenue-driven culture for sustainable growth.

The $1bn Revenue Question: SaaS industry trailblazers, Coupa, Share Insights For High-Growth Businesses

Explore key insights from Coupa leaders on scaling a SaaS business: embracing data-centric decision-making, accountable performance, and a shift from Account-Based Marketing to Account-Based Engagement. A roadmap to sustainable growth.