The Crucial Role of a Data-Driven Approach in Identifying and Addressing Campaign Performance Issues for Fast-Growing Scale-ups

Discover how a data-driven approach can revolutionise your marketing campaigns by quickly identifying and addressing performance issues. Learn how leveraging data-driven insights leads to better decision-making, enhanced personalisation, and overall marketing success for fast-growing scale-ups.

Marketing Attribution – The Secret Weapon of Breakout Brands

Although the ‘last touch’ attribution model is most popular it fails to factor in a non-linear customer journey which is now normal for more complicated purchases.

Since internet-based marketing attribution became established in 1995, it has been the preserve of large companies with full-sized marketing and data analytics teams but even then it has been under-exploited. However, the times are changing. What Is Marketing Attribution? While Wikipedia defines (marketing) attribution as ‘…a set of user actions…