Introducing The Geospatial Golden Thread – Our New Ebook

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Location data helps us map and understand the world. It helps with global challenges like climate change and inequality. And it’s key to solving complex business issues and meeting consumer needs. But we are only at the very start of exploring the possibilities this represents.

So what are the trends in this important space? What are the opportunities and challenges ahead? What are the obstacles to progress? And how can we take advantage of it all? 

We tackle all of these questions in The Geospatial Golden Thread ebook which you can download here. The result of primary research amongst geospatial industry leaders such as Google. Ordnance Survey and the Geospatial Commission, the ebook delivers real, human insight from deep thinkers in the space and an enjoyable, readable analysis of the meta trends in geospatial.

The ebook aims to stimulate debate and collaboration among non-specialist audiences and geospatial experts. It also sets the foundation for how we go about inspiring the next set of groundbreaking, infrastructure-building change-makers.

We suggest practical ways to enable an open and sustained discourse between geospatial experts and wider business, government and public sector audiences. 

In The Geospatial Golden Thread ebook, we explore six themes:

  • Creating credible data sets
  • Ensuring equitable access to data
  • Navigating ethics
  • Professionalising geography and communicating its value
  • Fostering public/private collaboration
  • Focusing on genuinely useful, equitable and sustainable innovation

Our primary research and specialised content delivery team interviewed a cross-section of deep thinkers in the geospatial community, hosted panel debates at industry events and secured contributions from across the industry.  

Contributors include the British Geological Survey, Buro Happold, Geovation, the Greater London Authority, Google, Ordnance Survey and The Crown Estate.

It was a pleasure taking part in bringing the community together that has contributed to this book. It has resulted in a wonderful compilation of the state of the geospatial ecosystem. The book is written in a very accessible style and language, interspersed with quotes from thought leaders and plenty of references to real-world case studies.

I feel this work represents a big step towards making the geospatial industry more accessible and I hope it will be read by many people across all sectors of our society.”

Holger Kessler, Strategic Adviser at British Geological Survey and Science Lead – Future of the Subsurface Foresight Programme at the Government Office For Science

By Jane Franklin

…is co-founder of Difference Engine. Jane has deep experience in communications, inbound and outbound marketing for a range of organisations from Microsoft and OS to the Greater London Authority and NFU Mutual and many others in between. Should anyone ever want to bribe Jane, focusing on a mixture of rock, comedy, cheese and cider will probably do the trick.