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We’re committed to a world where difference is valued and celebrated. We live and breathe this stuff – we named our company after it. How’s that for virtue signalling! And even Niall O’Malley who hates his photo being taken, got involved.

Difference Engine junior here will also be brought up to challenge biases as much as his amazing mum and our on-mat-leave COO Sarah Bradbury.

We weren’t just celebrating diversity in our team, we were also supporting our clients – here’s inspirational business leader and bias-breaker in engineering Dr Susan Greene of OTB Engineering.

By Jane Franklin

…is co-founder of Difference Engine. Jane has deep experience in communications, inbound and outbound marketing for a range of organisations from Microsoft and OS to the Greater London Authority and NFU Mutual and many others in between. Should anyone ever want to bribe Jane, focusing on a mixture of rock, comedy, cheese and cider will probably do the trick.

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