Marketing Automation Makeover

Marketing Automation Makeover

Now you have the detailed strategy and tactical implementation plan from Difference Engine’s Funnel Health Assessment, the Marketing Automation Makeover puts that into action.

Delivering you marketing automation to take you to the next stage of growth, without breaking the bank. 

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  • Delivering you the right, and fully optimised, marketing automation architecture for your business – in the most cost effective way possible.
  • A scaled-up end-to-end customer journey that is engineered for growth.
  • By fixing and optimising your funnel your sales will increase, you’ll market to the right customers, and your leads will be consistently followed up and prioritised for action.
  • You’ll measure the impact of sales and marketing initiatives on the growth of your business, and start using and tracking the right growth metrics.
  • You’ll stop missing sales forecasts and targets, and align sales and marketing.