Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

An insight driven approach to developing customer understanding. Buyer personas are a semi-fictional set of pen portraits representing key customer groups including your ideal target customers. They are used to represent those customers in your business, guiding your marketing and sales efforts.

We use a range of data to develop the personas – sales, financial, CRM, product usage, customer service and in-depth interviews to name just a few.

The strongest buyer personas are based on market research as well as on insights you gather from your actual customer base. Depending on your business, you could have as few as one or two personas, or as many as 10 or 20.

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  • Shared clarity and consensus on who ideal target customers are.
  • The buyer personas will inspire appropriate marketing and sales strategies.
  • When combined with lifecycle stage (i.e. how far along someone is in your sales cycle), buyer personas also allow you to map out and create highly targeted content.